In 1977, the second year of the Chevette, Chevrolet introduced a special package option. The Sandpiper. The features for this model that went beyond the regular Chevette options included special “reef” patterned interior, deluxe door trim, and came in either cream gold or antique white exterior colors. Most uniquely was the little Sandpiper logo just behind the door on each side.

Production figures for the Sandpiper were only about 2,000. This site has been created to locate and catalog as many as possible.

Owner: Ed Parker
This is a very low mile and clean Sandpiper. Jeff Stork was the former owner of this Sandpiper. While he owned it, it was featured in USA Today and CNN for the Chevette's "nerd car" status. This is was Jeff's second Sandpiper, the first one is pictured below.
Owner: Jody Staples
This Sandpiper is the product of a 10 year search for the elusive bird. But the previous owner put this car up on and Jody won it in a last second bid war. Jody's wife owned one during high school but it met an untimely demise.(Photo below)

Owner: Kevin Grahm
Ray Albertson first found this Sandpiper hiding out in PA. Since then he's sold it to Ed Parker, then Kevin Grahm got to aquire it from him. All original and in excellent shape!
Owner: Ed Parker
Ed's other Sandpiper may look all stock, but get a load at what's under the hood!
Owner: D.B.
Another awesome Sandpiper has found the flock!
Owner: Unknown
This Sandpiper was spotted for sale in Canada.
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