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Jody & Wendy's 1977 Chevette Sandpiper

Wendy had her first Sandpiper in high school. Her parents had purchased it new in 1977 when Wendy was only 5 years old and it was hers to drive when she was old enough to drive. Sadly in 1991 her sister crashed into the back end of a truck and the remains were sold off as a demolition car.

Several years later Jody began to search for another one. One fateful day on Jody's search was over when a Sandpiper in Indiana was put up for sale. A few days later they won it on a last second bid war. The car is not mint but is in really good shape. It needs some minor body work and the interior sorely needs redone, but the decals are intact.


  • 5th Place - 2003 Canton Car Show

    Jody & Wendy have also aquired a 1976 Chevette for a project car. You can follow that progress by clicking here.